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Paragliding ballast system - 8L

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Paragliding Ballast System in volume 8 liters for medium increasing weight load paraglider 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The PARAGLIDING BALLAST SYSTEM 8 liters  is made from very light flexible and durable material and it´s 100% waterproof. Ballast is designed to be maximum practical for recreational and racing pilots. Water ballast is possible to fill over practical folding funnel from every water source - duct, stream etc. On the ballast pocket is connected 50cm long tube which is necessary place it into cockpit or under seat so that the water can freely drain by gravity after opening the valve and if you decide during your flight get rid of the load, just open valve and water will get outside slick. In case of perforation is possible replace inner pocket over zipper, which is placed on the other side of the ballast.


  • The water ballast consists of the front and rear side, which are stitched together and is reinforced with a straps on both sides. On the front is hole for pushing the hose out, around hole is glued "drop" from solid rubber material, which prevents wrap the hose to angle which could prevent smooth drainage of water.
  • For wearing has ballast one small handle on the top and on the side is shoulder strap for comfortable wearing.
  • At the back side is 20cm long waterproof zipper for change inner sack.
  • At the side is stitched velcro fastener for retention the hose in right position when you wearing ballast.
  • Ballast is made from 100% polyester, which has perfect strength and durability, but is also enough soft for folding unfilled part of the ballast into harness or into flight deck.
  • The hose is 50cm lenght and has optimal stiffness. 40cm far from ballast hole is placed valve and at second end of valve is connect next piece10cm of hose for smooth emptying of water outside the seats or the cockpit.
  • Inner sack is ten liters volume for better water distribution but maximal filled volume of the ballast is 9 litters.  
  • Dimensions: height: 44,5 cm, width: 32cm, empty weight: 400g


  • Black (available)
  • Gray (available)
  • Blue (available)

(If you want specific colour please write note to your order)