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Why we developed PGBS ?


PARAGLIDING BALLAST SYSTEM was developed because many times paragliding pilots needed to take some additional weight to increase their flying weight for the better wing load of the paraglider. But they had to still solve it with improvisations like carrying water in plastic bottles (without the possibility drain water down) or carrying under the seat of harnesses dangerous option - stones.

In the global paragliding market isn´t a good solution in all ways, that could solve these problems overall, and other water ballasts weren´t enough durable and could be damaged very easily. So we developed the special product PARAGLIDING BALLAST SYSTEM which had taken more than two years of constant improvements and we have now a maximal reliable solution, that not only increases your flight weight but aslo brings your wing better manageability, dynamics and performance in strong conditions and the option to safely lose the weight if it´s necessary.

Ballasts are made in three sizes 5L, 8L, and 10L and three colors grey, blue, and black from very durable materials and used parts. The filling is possible easily with the folding funnel from every water source. Are equipped with a belt and handle for comfortable wearing. Are compatible with most types of racing harnesses with the possibility to shortcut hose according to requirements. Or can get the ballast inside the bigger cockpit deck.

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The Sports-Class Racing Series, Gin Edition, Krushevo, N. Macedonia, 25th-31st August

Registration for this event opens this Friday, the 12th of April, at 15h Central European time!